” Celebrate Your Skin,” Brighton Ngoma On Living With Vitiligo

“Celebrate Your Skin,” Brighton Ngoma On Living With Vitiligo. Today (June 25th) marks International Vitiligo Day. This is a long-term skin condition that creates a variation of color patches on the skin from loss of pigment. Very well known personalities like Leleti Khumalo and the late pop star Michael Jackson are among those with vitiligo.

One local celebrity who always speaks about the skin condition when given the chance is Brighton Ngoma. The Scandal! actor has been living positively with vitiligo and always raises awareness about it. As the world celebrate vitiligo day, he once again encouraged those with the skin condition to embrace it and live positive lives.

Today marks World Vitiligo Day, and as a person who lives with vitiligo, I know how challenging it can be to take pride in the skin you’re in. Celebrate your skin and ignite your inner bravery, let your courage shine through.”

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