Celebrities who quit their good jobs to focus on other things

Here is a list of celebrities who decided to get a career change. We may know them for one thing or the other but they are now doing something completely different.

Vanessa Mdee- Vanessa Mdee had hit the jackpot in the music industry then took a break from it all. This happened after her breakup with Juma Jux. She later found new love with the singer Rotmi. She has made an appearance in one of his music videos but little is seen from her. She is working on her podcast Deep Dive which has rave revews.

Betty Kyallo- she quit her job in K24. Betty Mutei Kyallo shocked her fans a viewer after she quit working as a news anchor and TV show host at the station. She quit her job and focused on growing her business, Flair by Betty.

Milly and Kabi- the duo both quit their jobs in designing clothes and doing makeup and in photography respectively. They stopped working at their previous jobs to focus on their YouTube channel which developed them to being top influencers and now that’s what they mainly do. They travel also vlog about their travel.

Abel Mutua– the legendary Freddie from Tahidi High spoke about quitting the show and going on to write scripts in a different company. Even after that, he called it quits and ventured into creating his own company together with his colleague Phil director. The journey wasn’t smooth there were so many lessons they learnt but at the end they are becoming better owners.

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