Celebrities who went to the same school and are still pals

Maribe and Size 8
Maribe and Size 8

Sometimes it is very hard to bond with people especially after high school, it feels like that phase in your life is over. Most times it is hard to even remember some people you went to school with.

Here are some celebs who went to the same school and are still pals.

Size 8, Edith Kimani and Jacque Maribe- State House Girls/ Hillcrest

The three were all in the prestigious state house girls for their high school education. Jacque always talks about her fellow schoolmates. Size 8 also highlighted how she schooled with Edith and Jacque and that Jacque at one time lent her pads when she was menstruating. Later Edith and Sizer 8 got a scholarship and transferred from Statehouse girls to Hillcrest International School

Sauti Sol – Upper Hill

Three out of the four members of Sauti Sol met in Upper Hill High School and they were even in a choir and constantly sang together.

Lupita Nyongo, Jeff Koinange and Uhuru Kenyatta – St Mary’s School

Lupita the award-winning actress, Jeff Koinange the news anchor and Uhuru Kenyatta the current president of the country all went to the prestigious St Mary’s school Nairobi in different years. Uhuru and Koingange always talk about schooling together.

Nyashinski, Collo and Roba- Nairobi School

The guys that became Kleptomaniax were in ‘Patchez’ – Nairobi school – where they met before they became hitmakers. they are still pals even after the rap group disintegrated. Roba was one of the boys at Nyashinski’s ruracio back in 2019.

Janet Mbugua and Almasi – Brookhouse

Janet Mbugua the celebrated news anchor and Almasi a former Machachari actor went to Brookhouse. They attended the prestigious high school at different times.

Anne Kiguta and Waihiga Mwaura- Rusinga School

The two news anchors both went to Rusinga School and they worked for the same media house for years before Kiguta was poached by K24.

Jaguar and Kelele Takatifu- Senior cheif Koinange High School

Starehe MP Charles ‘Jaguar’ Njagua took up a job as a people’s advocate and representative and left his music days behind him. That doesn’t mean his friendship with fellow schoolmates and gospel stars Kelele Takatifu ended.

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