Check Out The Career Tipcee Would Consider If She Could Start Over Again

Check Out The Career That Tipcee Would Consider If She Could Start Over Again. One of the many mistakes that a lot of people have made is choosing the wrong career for themselves. The reasons may vary, from lack of research, salaries, availability, desperation and so forth and so on. Lerato Kganyago, engaged her followers on Twitter regarding this subject of career choice.

The award winning media personality, DJ and businesswoman, asked her followers what career choice would they consider, if they had the chance to start all over again. Lerato, received so many responses, which goes on to prove that a lot of us are not pursuing their dream jobs.

One would think a person as successful as Tipcee, will still stick to her music no matter what. It turns out that the award winning musician will also switch careers, should the opportunity arise. In her response, Tipcee said, she will be an actress. Well, at least, she will still remain an entertainer even in the acting world. An added bonus is that she can juggle both music and acting like most of her peers do.

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