Clapback stars! Celebrities who overcame body shaming trolls in 2020

Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

Body shaming is the act of humiliating or criticizing an individual’s physical appearance.

Let’s get this clear it is never okay to criticize one’s body. It is not okay to humiliate or make fun of anyone for being built physically in a certain way that does not conform to society’s standards of beauty.

From Noni Gathoni to Neomi Ng’ang’a, Willis Raburu, Tanasha Donna, Avril to Stivo Simpleboy it is clear that no celebrity is safe from being trolled for owning their looks.

Body shaming keeps getting worse especially in an internet era where people get away with mean comments. For celebrities, it gets even worse as they are in the public eye.

In 2020 we list celebrities who have had it rough in the hands of critics for their physical appearance.

· King Kalala- Let’s kick off the list with King Kalala, she has talked about being shamed for being skinny and gone ahead to also shame plump individuals by saying they are careless. “Fat people are careless asf.”

She said in a video which went viral for body-shaming heavily blessed women. The comment section was on fire as fans hopped on her for being too skinny.

Days later she went ahead to post her usual videos on her Instagram page and fans mocked her for not having boobs. Laughing at her while being sarcastic that her children will have to suffer by not being breastfed since she has a flat chest. Well, the war between Kalala and netizens keeps getting nastier every minute.

· Zari Hassan- You think you have seen it all until critics try to choke the South African Ugandan based entrepreneur for gaining weight.

Zari who has been trolled for gaining weight went ahead to face her critics by telling them to mind their business since if one gets skinny she is called out for contracting HIV/AIDS and being stressed out and if one adds weight he/she is termed as ugly and shapeless.

She, later on, posted a photo of her well-toned body and fans were quick to accuse her of editing her pictures to appear slimmer. Zari recently revealed that she has lost 4 kg in the last weeks.

· Mulamwah- Comedian Mulamwah has had it rough in the hands of netizens to the point of quitting his career. Mulamwah was humiliated and laughed at for his physical appearance to be specific, the shape of his head which was compared to a five-shilling coin known as ‘Kobole’.

The trolling became too much for him to handle that he burnt his signature shirt and called it quits but received massive support from his fellow celebrities and is back, bigger and better facing critics with a bold face.

· Bosibori- If you are on Twitter then you definitely are familiar with Bosibori. Bosibori is an influencer who became the talk of the town at the beginning of the year.

Bosibori was harshly criticized for body-shaming Stivo Simpleboy sometime back for his physical appearance, well they say the internet never forgets and what goes around comes around as she found herself on spot for the same exact thing.

Bosibori was trending for days for a picture in which she was without makeup or filters that made her appear darker. Netizens compared her profile photo in which she had used filters to look ‘yellow’ vs the other trending picture without makeup or filters.

· Corazon Kwamboka- How she is subject of body shaming is still a question after all the mother of one has one of the killer hourglass figure people crave for.

However, the former socialite has always faced it rough in the hands of troll masters. In 2020 after giving birth, Corazon posted a picture with her baby daddy Frankie Just Gym it during an event and a woman attacked her for her pot belly. Not one to spare her critics she responded by slamming her for shaming a fellow woman who has just given birth.

· Willis Raburu- The 10/10 show host has also had it rough this year. Especially after hosting the famous gengetone festival in Machakos that had low turnout, critics could not let the occasion slide by attacking him for rocking dreadlocks as a news anchor telling him to grow up and stop behaving like a woman.

He also became subject of body shaming for his plus size body and later responded to critics in a vlog on his YouTube channel.

· Milly Chebby- She is plus size and she loves it. Milly Chebby is also a victim of body shaming for owning that meat which by the way looks amazing on her. The wife of comedian Terence Creative recently posted a picture flaunting her gorgeous curves but haters got to talk. A fan took to the comment section to talk about her tummy but she wasn’t having it. Chebby slammed her critic who proposed ways of shedding that extra weight by responding,” Uzia Mamako.”

· Azziad Nasenya- New in the industry after the Utawezana challenge on Tiktok went viral critics could not spare her. As a newbie she became subject of body shaming for being slim and using filters in the famous video but the tiktok queen has a way of dealing with haters.

She remained unbothered and kept grinding and has been making major moves regardless of what haters say about her.

· Kamene Goro – It is not the first time that the gorgeous Kamene Goro became a victim of body shaming, interestingly in 2020 the reason she faced another body shaming slap was thanks to fellow celebrity comedian Mulamwah who ironically has also gone through the fire for his physical appearance.

The Kiss FM presenter had posted a picture with fellow presenter Ronoh at the pool in her place and Mulamwah jumped on the comment section to joke about them for their bodies.

The mean comment was about how if they jumped into the pool they would drain the water in it. Mulamwah, later on, apologized for body-shaming Kamene Goro but she was not having it the easy way.

Mulamwah said that the presenter did not want to forgive her but seems they are okay since she had not been blocked by her.

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