Comedian Shaniqwa’s aka Karishizo Real Life Unveiled!

Shaniqwa’s real name is Kelvin Muthaka. He is one of the comedians whose fame has not only spread across Kenya but also all over East Africa. Besides him being a man, he has gone to the extent of dressing like a lady just to make it in the industry.

Kelvin, is a Mc who leads an ordinary life like any other Kenyan male celebrity. He is however not single as he has been courting Naomi Jemutai and the two have not felt ashamed to showcase their relationship on the social media in anyway.

His fans are hoping that maybe someday he will put a ring on her finger. Apart from being a comedian, Kelvin loves sports and he has on several occasions being part of rugby expositions. He however does not play for any specific club but he does it for fan.

He says he started playing rugby while in high school and that it was at one time his dream to become a renowned rugby player but when comedy caught up with him, he decided to pursue comedy instead of rugby. He is said to have a thing for casual wear and that he prefers being in casual than official.

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