“Corazon is always complaining!” Frankie Just Gym It On Their Relationship

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka were what Jamal and Amber are today. The couple was a surprise for many as they debuted their love in the media.

This was shortly after the fitness instructor had split from Maureen Waititu, the mother of his two kids.

Was it a fling, or something real? That was the dominant thought for many Kenyans as they tried to place whether the relationship?

But a few months after the relationship was revealed, the two disclosed that they would be having a child together, confirmation that maybe the two were in it for the long run.

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Since the birth of baby Taiyari, Corazon and Frankie have been a united front dealing with all comers as a joint force.

Something interesting however about the two is that they still don’t leave together. Yes, you read that right!

During an Instagram Q&A, Frankie was asked the reason he and the voluptuous Corazon don’t live together.

He said that she loved her space, that’s why she has her own house.

”Corazon loves her space. She would rather be in her house than anywhere else. Even when she’s at my house, she’s always complaining.”

That wasn’t all, he explained that Corazon’s house is their primary place; despite them having their own houses.

”We’ve just decided that her house becomes the primary house. But I still have my place”

What do you think about this? Is this a nice arrangement or is it problematic?

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