Corazon Kwamboka recently shared a photo exposing her ample backside and as expected, people lost their marbles.

While some enjoyed the view and asked for a close-up, others said that her mode of dressing is an embarrassment to her parents and her profession as an advocate of the high court.

In a rebuttal, Corazon said that the only reason people are screaming about her photo is that she is endowed. “Had this been a skinny person they wouldn’t be shouting here, next time I’ll wear a potato sack to the beach. I was gonna delete it but I think I’ll let it stay to piss them off.”

In response to claims that her risqué photo is an embarrassment to her parents, she said that parents shouldn’t be affected by such a photo unless they are perverts who sexualise their children.

“The way they say don’t wear a short dress in front of your dad. Why would it be a problem if your dad is not a pervert? Your parents shouldn’t sexualise you. To them, you are either a daughter or a son whether you are in buibui or naked,”  commented Corazon.