Crazy things everyone has done or gone through in campus


Campus life is known to be the craziest part of your life mostly contributed by the freedom and being a youth.

Here are some of the crazy stuff people have done.

Smoking weed till they blackout

Well everyone has their own pedi who is their main distributor. Weed is just one of those things you wouldn’t lack around campus and it turns out to be a chilling activity. People chill as they stone

Skipped class

Almost everyone has done this intentionally or not and once you skip class you look for a friend to sign the attendance sheets for you.

Copied assignments

Due to the enjoyment of life in campus you may forget to do your assignment and this is where your responsible friends come through with the saying ‘usimake ikae obvious’ and they let you seek answers from their work.

Kuchangia mzinga

There is never enough money to buy a mzinga or two and that’s why ‘kuchangia mzinga’ is just one of the best ways to go about if you want to get a drink or two.

House parties

This is a plan especially if you stay outsides school premises your place or a friend’s place will most likely always have a party going down every weekend.

Being arrested or almost got arrested

Campus gives you the thrill of being chased by the police and if you are unfortunate being arrested. After the police leave you or you pay bail it becomes a crazy story to be narrated every time you guys meet.

Gotten tattoos, dreads or piercings

At the peak of freedom you must get one of this and this are mostly motivated by the saying ’kama mbaya mbaya’.

Cheated in exams

Things get thick in the exam room and this is where mwakenyas come through to save the day and luckily if you are not too far from your friend you can get an answer or two.

Forgotten school ID

The gateman/lady always says they have never seen you no matter how many times you greet them during the semester. The day you forget you school ID you are not entering the premises.

Kuenda kwa kibanda

With all the changiaring for mzingas and going out there isn’t that much money left and that’s why people opt to go to kibandas for a decent meal for an affordable price.


Have you even experienced campus if you haven’t gone for clubbing, events or concerts where you get to have a whole night to pure partying… pure bliss.

Tried relationships

Almost everyone has a story of how they tried a campus relationship and ended up ‘clowning’ not to say they don’t work but good luck!!!!!

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