Crazy things ladies have done for love in campus that made them clowns

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Clowning at its finest!!! That’s all we can call it! Ladies, if you did any of these things fr a dude when in campus, you were a clown.

I’m sure the relationship ended in premium tears.

Here are some of the crazy things people have done for love.

Carrying a pan

Now this is just madness!! How do you carry a pan all the way from school to someone’s son’s place to cook chapati for him, then wash the pan and still go back home with it? Can’t he just buys his own pan and makes work easier for you.

Carrying a duster

Question, you want to say without you, that house wouldn’t be washed? And if you ever break up he will never clean his house? Are you the cleaning lady or his girlfriend? Stop ferrying your duster around. Let him purchase a duster or a mop.

Skipping class to clean

Now, this is on the extremes. He is in class receiving his education doing what brought him to school and you are there trying to be wife material. Sis, siiiiiiiiiiiiiiz! Don’t give him wife privileges and you are still a girlfriend. Coming every weekend to cook and clean, do you see him at your place? Sometimes go as a guest see if he will cook for you cause the energy needs to be reciprocated it can not be one-sided.

Paying all the bills

I remember the lady who paid three months rent for a guy and after that he still left her. I’m not saying don’t always do things with expectations but please as you listen to your heart make sure it is connected to your brain.

Everyone has clowned at one point in their lives but once bitten twice shy!

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