DA calls for justice after Grade R learner allegedly sexually molested and raped in school toilet

Police are investigating a case of sexual assault after a learner was allegedly raped at school. Picture: Se-Anne Rall

DURBAN – THE DA’s spokesperson for Education in KwaZulu-Natal has made a call for justice after a Grade R pupil was allegedly sexually molested and raped by an older boy at the school.

Dr Imran Keeka said it was devastating to hear of incidents of assault in schools.

The Grade R pupil, who attends a primary school in Merebank south of Durban, revealed what allegedly had happened after his mother demanded to know why his school transport driver could not locate him.

The Chatsworth Rising Sun reported that the driver had called the mother, informing her that he could not find the 5-year-old boy at the spot where he usually waits for his transport.

The woman said she rushed to the school and found her son waiting with the principal.

She said while on the way home, she asked her son what had happened and only when she pressured him, he alleged that he was in the toilet where an older boy had ordered him to perform oral sex on him.

She said she went back to the school and informed the school principal. The mother said her son then told the principal what had happened.

She said a security guard had seen the pair in the toilet and would be able to identify the Grade 7 pupil.

Meanwhile, the mother was told to report the incident to the police.

She said her son later told her this was not the first time the Grade 7 learner had forced her son to perform oral sex on him.

The woman said her son claimed that the boy had also raped her son.

According to reports, a disciplinary meeting was conducted with the other boy’s parents and the school decided to move the Grade R pupil to a different group so he would not see the older boy.

She said she opted to keep her son at home.

Police are investigating a case of sexual assault.

“Abuse, whether learner on learner, educator on learner or any other form is devastating for the victims and for the entire schooling environment,” Keeka said.

He called on the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Investigations unit of SAPS (FCS) to work expeditiously to allow the matter to reach a conclusion.

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