Dawa ya balloon ni sindano! From brown skin, tattoos to six packs; what Vera Sidika looks for in a man

Vera Sidika's type

Vera Sidika is one of the most popular socialites in Africa. The bootylicious Kenyan socialite is yet to settle down. Her counterparts Euxodie Yao, Risper Faith, Corazon Kwamboka just to mention but a few, ditched the socialites’ life

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Sidika has dated quite a number of men and four of them have similar characteristics.

From Otile Brown to Jimmy Chansa, here are the attractive characteristics Vera goes for before dating a man.

1. Gym rats with six-packs

She loves men who work out and have six-packs. Yeye hapana team one pack.

Kanyama lecturer
‘There’s no billionaire with a six-pack,’ declares Ugandan man

A man with a six-pack is said to be a bedroom bully and that could be the reason why she tasted Otile’s banana before coming out to claim he had a toothpick.

Otile Brown

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2. Lightskins

Vera Sidika, who spent Ksh 2 million on skin lightening is so much into brown men. All the men she has dated are all light-skinned apart from Yommy Johnson, a Nigerian who she dated for close to two years but later broke up. She claimed he was abusive and used to cheat on her.


3. Men with tattoos

The Luhya bae has a soft spot for tattoos. Calisah, Otile, Brown Mauzo, Jimmy Chansa and Yommy all have tattoos.

She has been hiding Mauzo, her current bae until fans unmasked his identity after seeing his tattoo on the left arm.

Brown Mauzo

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4. Younger men with baby faces

Hapendi sura personal. She has for the longest time been talking about having a baby and the reason she goes for this type its because she wants a child with good genes.

5. Controllable men

If you’ve noticed, she goes for men who have no influence. A good example is Otile, when they started dating, he amassed a huge following compared to when Vera hadn’t come into his life.

Otile Brown

She also loves this type because after break up she can talk over them. She pays their bills too and later exposes them claiming they are poor or borrow her money.

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