Dear Diamond, here are factors that determine whether a celebrity marriage will fail or survive – List

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard being married to a celebrity? Most marriages rarely survive and those that do so are because of commitment.

Some of the reasons why it is hard is because

  • Your life is constantly under scrutiny, whatever you do will be judged whether good or bad.
  • People paint a mental picture of how they expect you to be thus constant pressure to appear perfect.
  • People expect too much from you even when you have nothing to offer them, people assume just because you are a celebrity you always have extra cash or freebies to give out.
  • People will constantly assume you are friends just because you interact with them on your social media platforms. It becomes hard to know who your real friends are.
  • People run away when you have problems. you have heard the phrase ‘pata shida ujue marafiki zako. This is especially very true for celebs when you have money everyone wants to be your friend. But when your pockets run dry, not even cockroach will visit you.Below are some things that help determine if a celebrity marriage is likely to fail or not.

Below are some things that help determine if a celebrity marriage is likely to fail or not.

How long the couple has known each other

This is very crucial because when you are a celebrity most people want to be in your life because of what you can offer.

When you can no longer offer that they vanish.

The longer you have known a person the higher the chances the marriage will last.

Take the case of Wahu and Nameless, they have known each other since their campus days when they had nothing but each other.

Whatever they have now they have nurtured together through sweat and tears.

Their marriage is not perfect but having known each other for long helps them know how to solve their problems.

Whether they are celebs in the same career or not

Are they both gospel artistes, both TV hosts or are they in the same field but different departments?

Minor as it may sound it is very hard to find celebrities who are in the same career being married for long.

This is because some people get insecure about whatever is going on in that field of work and insecurity ruins marriages.

Eg working as a TV host or a DJ requires you to put in work at odd hours and when both of you are working for different shifts it means you will rarely see each other.

It is easier dating or marrying someone who is not a celeb and if they are let them not be in the same field as you.

There are many successful marriages of celebs not working in the same career eg Allan Wanga and Brenda Wanga, Julie Gichuru and her hubby.

Ugandan artiste Jose Chameleon and his wife have been married for more than 11 years.

This does not mean that people working in the same career will not survive it just means that their challenges might be more.

Imagine constantly fighting off men who are interested in your wife. Exhausting right?

That is why you find some people prefer keeping their spouses off the limelight.

Oversharing information on social media

Truth be told some celebs lack the moral decency of knowing when not to post,

They post anything and everything going on in their lives and this makes them an easy target.

Good as it may seem at the time depending on what you post it might come to haunt you later.

In the case of DJ Mo in 2019 he was forced to refute claims that he had fathered a child with secular DJ Pierra Makena.

This was even though his daughter was still young at a time.

The same thing happened to Ruth Matete after the public started scrutinizing her relationship with the late Beloved John Apewajoye.

So bad was the trolling that she deactivated her social media accounts.

The point is, depending on the maturity of your partner such things can break a marriage.

People should be careful about what they post.

After all is said and done, a marriage thrives on openness, trust and fidelity, if one of those is missing then its a recipe for disaster.

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