‘Dear Kanze Dena we’re sorry,’ mothers comfort State House spokesperson after body shaming

Kanze Dena

Kenyans on social media can be brutal! They will say anything without caring whether it hurts someone or not. Kanze Dena is the lastest victim of body shaming.

The State House spokesperson, who gave birth a few months ago appeared in public yesterday for the first time in Sagana. Kanze, who just returned from maternity leave has gained weight and trolls took to social media to mock her troll her.

The comments have angered women especially mothers, who’ve struggled with post-baby body. and below is what some had to say,

Prissy Wanjiru Dear Kanze Dena, I am sorry for everything you’ve heard today, I felt the body shaming to my core (weak core) but still… You’re a beautiful woman, you’re a mother feed your child and take care of yourself mentally you can lose the weight later.

Empress Ciku Kimani I was happy over here having my ginis with a childhood friend I haven’t seen in over 15 years, when Kanze started trending. My ‘moods’ took a nosedive! Nini huwa mbaya na nyinyi lakini? You are trying to shame Kanze because she added weight? Kwani weight ni dhambi? Chica just gave birth – she’s already overwhelmed without y’all trying to make her think she’s doomed! Do you even know how hard motherhood is? Do you even know the stuff we have to deal with when a baby checks in? Do you even know how depressed we get to realize we grew form size 8 to size 16 in 9 months? Do you even know how stupid you sound?By the way fak you! Especially if you are a woman making fun of Kanze. Even if you are a man with a wife/sister/whatever! Have you even looked at yourself in the mirror? Aren’t you the same people who want flesh on a woman? You do, you are damned! You don’t, you are damned too! When did adding weight become a sin? When?? You keep your skinny evil insensitive self to yourself. You are tiring nkt

tinakaggia It’s extremely disgusting. Social media has turned people into keyboard idiots

lydiah_yea People who Body shame have no respect to others whether they just given birth or not. Body shaming is the most disgusting thing one can do to another 😮

bernettemutisya Too bad, adding weight especially after delivery is normal

Gordon Opiyo I have seen people body shaming Kanze Dena. Child Birth is one of the most transforming things in a woman. It changes a woman forever. There are several things that happen after Childbirth. Some physical and some psychological. Some women add extra weight. Some have post-natal depression or baby blues. Some go as far as running mad in post-natal psychosis.
If you are not a woman, or you have never seen your wife, girlfriend or relative give birth, and change… You should not rush to comment on matters to do with changes after birth.

Cherotich Caren Educated people on social media body shaming and fat shaming Kanze Dena how she looks even after she gave birth recently!
Shame on you! Instead of critiquing the contents of her message you criticize her body …Shame on you!! Worst off you are a lady and body shaming her the joke is on you.Shame on you!!! If shape sets the bar of beauty for you, how chiselled is your mind???

Shokwei V Barsulai Today I stand with my fellow woman and A mother❤️Madam kanze Dena.. As a mother I celebrate her … Why would someone body shame her just because of how she looks… Mimi napenda watu wakivaa viatu could this be you,your son or daughter being trolled.. Mimi ni mama… nasema No🙌 to body shaming…. 💪
Mimi nauliza swali Kama mwalimu… Would you wish to bring up children who body shame others.. ..??we talk about bringing caining back to our schools but trust me it start with you (parents)and us the society…Are what we are feeding our children the right morals 🤔Sad😢.#motherhood is beautiful.

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