Dear Ladies, These Are The 5 Types Of Men You Should Never Date

Every lady deserves a man of her own. Whether he is rich, poor, tall, short, dark or light it doesn’t matter as long as the two have chemistry.
But, there is a breed of men that are just annoying. Let me call it as it is, They suck BALLS. They do things which do not please other people at all. But ladies, why do you stick with such men?

Well, below is a compilation of the 5 types of men you should never marry leave alone dating. Go through and let me know what you think about it.
1. A man below 30 years (players and not ready to settle)
He is just a time-waster. He is there to ruin your life. All he will do is to waste your life by introducing you to crazy lifestyles in the name of YOLO.
In addition to that, he will demolish your NUNU as men in this age bracket are so energetic and idle, he will make you a mother even before you are prepared.
And then vamos like shisha smoke. Men below the age of 30 are players and are not ready to settle. Dear ladies, if you want to be wasted, continue going out with these men.
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2. A man who stays with his parents
A man should leave his parents house once he turns 18 years old. If you are dating a man who is over 18 and still stays with his parents you aren’t serious my sister.
Such men are lazy. They can be found at home lounging on the sofa the whole day watching movies eating their parents’ food and stealing his father’s alcohol stash.
When he is bored he will take his mother’s car and start cruising with it. That is when he will call you and ask to come to pick you and there you are so happy bragging to us how you are lucky…You are stupid just like that man. Why brag about your parent’s wealth? Wake up!!! Leave that lazy ass and look for a real men.
3. Men who do not take care of themselves health-wise
Wale wa kuogopa maji. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and everyone should always be smart. Also, some men drink too much which later affects their health yet they are learned and know the effects of taking excessive alcohol.
Ladies, do you want to marry someone who is a corpse or a man who smells like rotten eggs? If you are a man which such behaviour, please change for the better or else you will die single. No woman wants a dirty man.
4. Men with no ambition
These are the types of men who only think about partying and having sex. They spend money trying to please friends yet they don’t invest.
Most of them will throw expensive parties, buy flashy cars and live lavish lifestyles yet they have no ambition in life. Dear men, no lady would want to marry a man with no ambition.
Driving expensive cars, sipping on snorty drinks older than 12-years-old are just luxuries which are not really important.
5. Mwanaume kama binti
Kenyan men are slowly turning into women. They gossip a lot and spread rumours more than their idle ushago based aunties.
Soon such men will be given lesos and dresses so that people can different them from real men. If you are such a man just know no woman will ever want to date you.
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