Dear Parents, Shakilla is a reflection of the ‘secret’ life your kids are living

In case you haven’t heard there is a new socialite in town. The 19-year-old is known as Shakilla and she has been trending for days.

Many have castigated her after she confessed that she has slept with more than 30 men.

At her age, she is already looking for ways to tighten her cookie jar.

The sad reality is that this is the life most young people are living. The only difference is that they are not showcasing it to the world in the magnitude that Shakilla has.

Shakilla is a representation of the current generation, wanting to make it in life regardless of how they achieve it.

Nudity has become the norm, that is why Shakilla was so comfortable showing off her body to her followers during the Instagram Live session.

Parents, disgusting as it maybe this is what your kids are doing behind your backs.

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Remember the #IfikieWazazi trend? It is almost the same script different cast.

But who is to blame for this? Shakilla said she is 19-years-old meaning she might just have completed high school recently.

How long does she think she can keep up with using her cookie jar to make money? Problem is that she is 19, and her parents can’t do much about it.

But my heart breaks for them.

She is bragging about how she is paid up to Ksh 700K just to sleep with a man, which is obviously a lie but what does she do in return?

Since COVID-19 hit Kenya teenage pregnancies rates have been on the rise, some girls even sleep with men for a mere Ksh50.

The difference between them and Shakilla is that they are charging different charges for the same services.

Dear parents before you castigate Shakilla just know she is a reflection of what your son/daughter is doing, in private. if you do not know their user names online, you will never have an inkling into what your children are up to.

Let’s not continue hiding our heads in the sand, hio kazi tuwachie Ostrich.

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