Dear slay queen, here are stupid mistakes you make while dating budeskos – List


Gone are the days when young ladies dating older men was frowned upon. Nowadays it’s a habit that has been incorporated into society.

For some women, dating older men known as sponsors, benefactors or Budesko’s is a decision they can’t regret.

They have made hay while the sun shines by invested the cash they milk from such men.

On the other hand, for some women, such relationships ended and they were left poor than the way they way before.

What are some of the mistakes ladies dating sponsors make?

Not investing

Most ladies make the mistake of not investing the cash earned from sponsors. Most assume the cash will always flow.

What they forget is that men are visual beings and soon they will get attracted to another lady and drop them (current bae) like a hot potato.

Impulse buying

We all know that when we are spending money we have not worked for, we do not even care how we spend it.

For some ladies dating older and rich men, the biggest mistake they make is buying unnecessary things/junk.

Such things include clothes, shoes, handbags, etc.

There is nothing wrong with looking good but why look good today yet you can’t afford a decent meal tomorrow?


Women are talkative by nature.

That means that they share even the most intimate details about their sponsors.

Such details make such sponsors a land mine with other ladies and they might end up getting ‘stolen’.

So before you tell your girlfriends about how your bae gives you a Ksh 100K allowance think twice.

Wanawake ni moto wa kuotea mbali.

Assuming the sponsor will marry them

Most ladies assume that the men they are dating will marry them, the truth is most men are just after your cookie jar.

Ataonja ikiisha anaenda kwa the next person. So don’t let your emotions fool you.

Like Sanaipei Tande says


So instead of trying too hard just have fun and then swiftly move on.

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