Denise Zimba Celebrates Her Daughter’s First Birthday With A Heartfelt Message

Denise Zimba Celebrates Her Daughter’s First Birthday With A Heartfelt Message. Time flies indeed. Just the other day Denise Zimba, announced her pregnancy, an now her baby is already a year old! Ever since the birth of her child, the two have been serving mother and daughter goals.

Denise is over the moon that her little human is a year old already. The actress and TV personality took to social media to celebrate this milestone. She expressed what her daughter means to her with a heartfelt dedication note.

Leah Lilli-Rose Schlichtig 🥀. Thank you for choosing me and stressing me the fuck out!! The BEST GIFT the universe could ever give me.

YOU, my perfect human.
YOU, that matters more than anything in this world!
YOU, who loves me so, and brings so much joy and unity, to your papa and I.
YOU, who’s laugh is like no other.
YOU, my perfect human.

Thank You Dookie for reminding me how powerful I really am.

Happy 1st Birthday

Denise always shares the highs and lows of motherhood with her followers on social media. A while ago, she described motherhood as the most beautiful and exhausting experience ever, on Instagram

Some woman thrive with joyous ease into motherhood, all 15% of you. For the rest of us. I commend your bravery, not only birthing an enormous responsibility, but letting go of your old self, letting go of putting yourself first, and birthing the mother who you are still getting to figure out and trying to recognize with every glance in the mirror. This new person you know you have to remind everyday that she needs to hold on and keep pushing through, as all things shall pass.”

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