Details of the live TV interview Joyce Omondi regrets ever conducting

Popular gospel singer Ringtone Apoko is no stranger to controversy, the artist who likes to refer to himself as the gospel chairman has been vocal about various issues.

The artist has been condemning certain issues in the name of Christ.

The artist got himself in another uncomfortable situation during an interview on Full Circle with Joyce on Switch TV where the two couldn’t seem to agree on most things.

Fellow gospel artist Joyce Omondi did not seem to like certain actions of Ringtone like cursing and bragging about his wealth.

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Joyce posed several questions to him which the artist did not seem to like to the point where Ringtone called out on the host for being arrogant.

Joyce Omondi on the other side disliked some of Ringtone’s response on issues such as calling out on Bahati and Willy Paul and accused the singer of taking control of her show.

The interview started with the first disagreement which was lightly taken by both parties.

DJ Sadq and Joyce Omondi welcomed the artist to the show and were impressed by the shoes he had worn in which Ringtone was quick to point that they were expensive and cost him 700,000, the host who is also Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura’s wife then lightly replied that it was not necessary for him to mention the price of the shoes.

Ringtone in the interview then crowned himself as the richest gospel artist and the only artist who does not sing for money since he already has lots of them.

During the interview another disagreeing point came still in the beginning of the interview when DJ Sadq played some of his songs to introduce him.

Ringtone felt it was unfair that he had gifted the country with such great hits and still had not won a single groove award.

He then went ahead to curse the groove awards for that and Joyce Omondi was quick to stop and caution him on the claims that he was not to do songs for awards only as a gospel artist, Ringtone then defended himself that the bible allows him to curse and that wanting to get award was not a bad thing.


In the interview, the host also wanted the artist to differentiate his attitude with arrogance as she wanted to know for the sake of the fans what the difference is since he may be perceived as an arrogant person.

For Ringtone Apoko he dismissed the arrogance claims by claiming he had a high self esteem and him bragging was to declare what the Lord has done for him for others to know that in Christ there are good things.

Joyce also had an issue with the artist talking loudly when he was close to him claiming that it was not necessary.

He was then asked by the host if he was obsessed with fame, a question which he answered that indeed he loved fame as he addresses critical issues thanks to being in the limelight.


For him fame creates an avenue to discuss critical issues ailing the gospel industry by citing an example of Bahati and Willy Paul calling them conmen for flipping to the secular world.

Joyce Omondi was quick to shut Ringtone on the issue which he later on insisted on digging in.

For Joyce Omondi he cautioned Ringtone for involving artists who were not present to defend themselves and that the interview was about the artist and not Bahati and Willy Paul.

Ringtone later on cited that him being part of the interview meant he can address issues he feel are needed to be addressed.

The camera person zoomed on Ringtone’s pocket in which thousand shilling notes were visible; Joyce then asked him if he did that intentionally as he was accustomed to bragging by beginning the show discussing the price of his shoes.

Ringtone refuted the claims of showing off the money intentionally and argued that it was not a bad deed to tell people how much an item was worth.


The host then questioned his source of wealth;


Ringtone then called out Joyce Omondi for being the one who is arrogant by questioning him about whether he is accountable for his actions.

The whole interview was clearly heated up with DJ Sadiq trying to bring some sort of balance in the conversations.

Fans took notice and could not hide their opinion.

Some praised Joyce Omondi for handling the interview maturely and in a professional manner while others called out on her for being judgmental, rude and attacking him.

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