Diamond Platnumz deletes photos of Tanasha’s son from his Instagram

Diamond and Tanasha with their son. Photo Courtesy

Diamond Platnumz has deleted photos of his son, Naseeb Junior whom he sired with Tanasha Donna.

The Tanzanian singer has not given any explanation for his latest action against his own son.


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Notably, he left photos of his other children whom he sired with Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobeto.

His actions have sparked speculations of bad blood between him and Naseeb’s mother, Tanasha Donna.

When questioned about the move, the singer said that he was just on a random clean-up of his social media pages.

“Nimefuta posti nyingi sana, ata ukiona posti za wasani. Picha zangu nyingi pia nimezifuta. Nimependa sana za show,” he said.

A look into his Instagram page shows Diamond only left one picture of the boy. This is one that was taken when Naseeb was born in 2019.

During this year’s Eid, Diamond also showed bias by only wishing Zari’s children Eid Mubarak.

Last month he visited Zari’s family in South Africa, where he bonded with Tiffah and Nilan.

The two seemingly enjoyed the reunion, as they took pictures getting cosy with one another.

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