‘Don’t fail us, take and start a side hustle…’ Kenyans tell Larry Madowo after he shared pics of disposed households items

Larry Madowo, the US correspondent for the BBC, has once again left Kenyans shocked after he shared photos of household items dumped on a sidewalk in Washington DC. Larry posted the photo of the items and captioned it,


Kenyans flooded Madowo’s post with hilarious comments, with some begging him to collect the items for them

Check out their comments

Reginald Send them as a parcel Larry

Izzo Kama hizo speakers ni Ampex 2.1 1st edition Larry pita nazo. Thank me later

Masaikta In Kenya that ‘Free’ sign will sell for 2 $ Face with tears of joy

Wabizzy Beba izo vitu ututumanishie bana wacha mchezo

Birech Larry may the spirit of Kenya walk with you

Kilungi Larry…. you are a Kenyan….do what a real Kenyan will do in that situation… Don’t fail your country

Dougas Talo Ingekuwa hapa Kenya haziezi kaa ata a second

Mali Safi This is equivalent to Kenyan Condoms and BBI Signature forms

The Mechanic Weka kwa mbukinya ututumie pande hiii

John Omido Kusanya utufikishie huku,don’t betray the Kenyan self in you.

KJ Mpoa We can start a business. Open your DM

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Jeff Musumba Business opportunity look for more we can sell ex-US second-hand goods here in Kenya.

Lloyd King Mkubwa si uzichukue uende hapo JFK..uzieke kwa boot ya KQ zinifikieThinking face

Jeal Denna The only free things in Kenya are condoms

Jones Kyallo Jaribu uwe na damu ya mkenya! Beba mali

Ogake Vincent Kindly don’t betray the kenyan spirit

Sleeksoul Na kwa bedsitter Nina sufuria mbili,ya sembe na ya mboga….Larry cheza kama wewe bro

Phil Bro u have totally lost your Africanness

Wtuko Were Niletee sufuria,nikona moja tu.huwa nai-partition kupikia ugali na mboka.

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