Don’t rush to Jerusalema, viral challenges that Kenyans loved

Jerusalema challenge

2020 has been an unpredictable year. After the spread of the global pandemic and people stuck at home at some point in the beginning to midyear it started becoming boring.

Celebrities were busy holding concerts indoors to try to bring some sort of entertainment to Kenyans but if there is something that kept Kenyans busy and entertained it must be the various challenges that have been making rounds on the internet and we loved it.

Almost everyone took part in one or two challenges; here is a list of those that spread across the nation:

1. Jerusalema challenge- First things first, let us begin with the biggest challenge of the year not just in Africa but globally.

Sure thing Jerusalema song became a hit in Africa but what added life into it was the famous Jerusalema challenge. So where did this challenge begin from?

Around February an Angolan dance group recorded a video of themselves dancing to South Africa’s Master KG and super vocalist Nomcebo’s hit song Jerusalema.

The video blew up the internet and people from across the world followed suit.

Here in the country the case was no different as various celebrities and dance groups also joined in the dancing.

What actually made an impact must have been the Members of Parliament also taking part in the challenge, a deed which mesmerized Kenyans as it was unexpected.

Another Jerusalema challenge that has been making rounds is Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife participating in the challenge.

The video clip is hilarious as it mocks on Diana’s poor dancing skills.

2. Utawezana challenge- ‘Nikikupea utawezana?’ That is the catchy part of the Utawezana hit song written and performed by rapper Femi One and genge star Mejja who teamed up to give us some good music and not only Kenyans but East Africans as whole loved the new jam.

The breakthrough of the song then followed when Kenyans participated in the Utawezana challenge but there was one specific challenge on Tiktok that spread like wildfire.

This was the challenge done by TikTok Queen Azziad Nasenya who rose to fame thanks to her talent in wiggling her waist.

So great was the impact that Kenyans demanded Mejja and Femi One to pay Azziad for making the song famous. The two big artistes then defended themselves by claiming the song was already a hit before Azziad jumped on it but recognized her impact in pushing the song.

3. Fess ka fe bang- There is no way the famous Fess ka fe bang song can be played without inspiring one to bust a move.

The catchy song by DJ Madness featuring M.O.B became a hit in the country especially after the fess ka fe bang challenge with the famous video circulating being the one for Wakaliwao and Ace dance group dancing to the rhythm of the song.

The impact of the challenge in the country was so great that the composers of the song DJ Madness mentioned Kenya on their YouTube page in the comment section of the song.

4. Don’t rush challenge- We cannot claim the don’t rush challenge as we did on the Utawezana challenge but Kenyans were quick to take part of the trend.

The challenge involved people sharing videos of them looking unkempt then later on wearing their Sunday best and for ladies adding the extra glam by wearing makeup.

5. Kipchoge challenge-Now this one we can claim as ours, the Kipchoge challenge was hilarious in every single way.

Kenyans did a challenge imitating the great marathoner’s fashion as he modeled designs on GQ Magazine.

Kenyans then made the whole Kipchoge fashion sensation go viral by imitating his dress code with a touch of some of the crazy Kenyan vibe on it with some hilarious outfits and poses.

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6. Stay home challenge-The stay home challenge was a good one, at a time when the virus was still new and spreading to different countries to the point where most countries were under lock down, the stay home challenge became impactful.

The challenge involved people carrying out different activities at home that kept them busy and prevented them from going out but in a creative fashion.

Some did songs on corona virus and how to prevent the spread of the virus, others showing what they are up to while at home and Kenyans were quick to jump on it and be part of the challenge.

7. Swap challenge– Last but not least, the swap challenge. This challenge was fun and hilarious.

To take part of the challenge couples had to swap their clothes and post a video of them before and after swapping their clothes.

Celebrities took part in the challenge such as Jennifer Lopez and her husband and Kenyans as usual were not left behind.

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