Do’s and don’ts Kenyan gun holders must adhere to at all times – List

More and more Kenyans are acquiring guns and it’s still sad how some of them are dangerously using the weapons on fellow civilians.

Below are safety guidelines according to the firearm Industry Trade Association when using a gun whether in private or in public.

  1. Never point your gun at anything you do not intend to shoot

This is particularly important when loading or unloading a firearm.

Accidents do happen and the best way to minimize this is by making sure you keep the muzzle looking in a safe direction.

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2. Unload your gun when not in use

An experienced handler should never assume that a gun is not loaded, always double-check just to be sure.

Firearms should be loaded only when you are in the field or on the target range or shooting area, ready to shoot.

When not in use, firearms and ammunition should be secured in a safe place, separate from each other.

3. Always check the gun before handing it to someone else

Whenever you handle a firearm or hand it to someone, always open the action immediately, and visually check the chamber, receiver and magazine to be certain they do not contain any ammunition.

Always keep actions open when not in use.

4. Avoid using a gun while intoxicated

Using a gun while intoxicated might make one miss the target and end up causing more harm than good.

If possible, only handle a gun when sober.

5. Never pull or push a loaded firearm toward yourself or another person.

6. Never assume a gun is safe just because the ‘Safety pin’ is on.

7. Never shoot unless you are sure what/who your target is, this helps in reducing unnecessary casualties especially in cases where there are bystanders.

8. Always ensure you use the correct ammunition on your gun

Using improper or incorrect ammunition can destroy a gun and cause serious personal injury.

Ammunition that has become very wet or has been submerged in water should be discarded in a safe manner.

9. Learn how to use a particular gun brand, not all guns are the same

Not all firearms are the same.

The method of carrying and handling firearms varies in accordance with the mechanical characteristics of each gun.

Since guns can be so different, never handle any firearm without first having thoroughly familiarized yourself with the particular type of firearm you are using, the safe gun handling rules for loading, unloading, carrying and handling that firearm, and the rules of safe gun handling in general.

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