Do’s and Don’ts when hitting on a man in a club – List

Gone are the days when it was almost taboo for a woman to approach a man. Women now approach men and some love and enjoy it.

Naturally men live doing the chasing but there are those lazy ones who don’t mind being approached.

Here are do’s and don’t s when hitting on a man.

1- Introduce yourself

This is the best way to create a rapport, it will make the other person want to open up.

2– Offer to buy him a drink

Only offer to buy one round, if he is a gentleman enough he will pick the que and offer to buy the next rounds.

If he turns the offer down, accept and move on.

3– Do not behave too desperately

Do not be all over him as this might be an act of desperation.

4- Don’t offer to take him home

Instead just ask for his number so that you can communicate later if he is interested.

Offering to take him home might make you appear cheap.

No man wants cheap goods.

5. If he isn’t interested move on

If you approach a man in a club and he turns you down, do not approach another man in the same club.

That is a very desperate move and it makes you look like a whore.

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