Do’s and dont’s when you are the other woman in a relationship – List

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So you met this good looking guy, all loaded but problem is he is taken. The only chance for you to be together is by being the other woman.

He treats you to all paid trips, dinner in five star hotels, your trip to the salon is all catered for and you think that things are looking up for you now.

Being a second wife has even crossed your mind.

Woe unto you because for such a relationship to work with you as the other woman, there are some rules to adhere to.

1.Don’t Call  Or Text At Weird Hours

The first rule of surviving in such a relationship is not to call at those weird hours. You don’t want your old man to keep tip toeing to the bathroom to pick your call. Call when necessary and if it is a matter of emergency send a text.

2. Keep off from his friends

Just because you are going out with him does not mean that you are friends with his friends.

After all you are the other woman and you are supposed to remain a “secret” if you want to be dropped like a hot potato go around trying to get his friends numbers to add to your phone .

As the other woman you are supposed to be loyal to him and only him.

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3. Keep Off From His Wife

You may be the other woman but do not forget that this man is loyal to his wife, do not go around  calling his wife and calling her names. If you do so you will not even know what hit you.

As much as men go astray their loyalty to the mother of their kids is so strong that not even you as the other woman can shake it.

4. Don’t Entertain Other Men

If you do not want to witness a murder scene, do not entertain other men in the house he pays for. The minute he finds out you will find yourself in the same gutter he got you from.

This old fellows are a jealous kind who go to an extent of tracking your every day activities.

5. Don’t Act Desperate

As the other woman the temptation to exploit the old guy is very high, you might want this and that, but do not act so desperate that every time you are always calling to ask for money.

Sponsors do not like desperate women, they like independent minded girls who can support themselves if need be.

6. Be Sexy Not Trashy

There is a thin line between sexy and trashy. In most cases the other woman might feel the need to be trashy so as to keep up with the competition.

A little flesh is ok but do not leave everything out in the name of keeping your man,after all he has some dignity to maintain. You do not want him to be in the papers for being seen with a “hooker”.


7.Do Not Trap Him With A Baby

As the other woman ,having babies is never in the plans.

The worst mistake would be to think that trapping him with a baby will make him yours,woe unto you as you will join the list of single mothers in the Kenyan statistics.

Trapping him with a baby will only make him drop you for the next hot thing.

After all his main interest in you is to satisfy his urges and with a baby in the picture that much more than he bargained for.

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