Double Tragedy As Menzi Ngubane’s Father Dies

Double Tragedy As Menzi Ngubane’s Father Dies. The Ngubane family is without a doubt going through the most. The nation is still trying to come to terms with Menzi Ngubane’s passing. The award winning veteran actor passed a way a few days ago. 56 year old Ngubane passed away at his Ladysmith Home in KwaZulu-Natal on Saturday following complications from a stroke.

Just days after his passing, are sad reports that his father has also died. Ngubane’s family revealed to Daily Sun publication that the 90-year-old also passed away. The cause of death has not yet be revealed. The passing of Baba Ngubane comes while family members are still preparing for Ngubane to be lead to rest in Lady Smith.

“Menzi’s father has also passed on today and the family is still trying to come to terms with the tragic loss,” said family spokesperson Naomi Mokhele.

It goes without saying that the father ad so were very close. Last year, the late Ngubane threw his dad a 90th birthday party making it a memorable event for all of them. During his moving speech at the party, Ngubane spoke highly of his father and also emphasized the importance of doing great things for parents while they are still alive.

Once again, South Africa is coming through for the family with comforting messages during such a difficult time.

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