Emurrua Dikirr Member of Parliament Johanna Ngeno has made shocking statements regarding Deputy President William Ruto and his wife Rachel.

Speaking after the Majority Leader, Murkomen has been removed from his Post of Senate Majority Leader in Narok County, Mr Ngeno claimed that Ruto has been a hindrance to Rachel’s spiritual walk.

According to the KANU MP Rachel has been praying day and night for the DP but he has been sinning endlessly.

“The other time your wife was praying in churches asking God for forgiveness. But when she prays today, tomorrow you commit sin and when she prays tomorrow the following day you commit another sin. Why are you giving your wife a hard task? Why can’t you have pity on your wife, he is praying for you every day?” he posed.

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Ngeno advised Rachel to divorce Ruto until 2022, or just keep advising him since the Bible Verses and The pressure from the chaos in the Ruling Jubilee Party is causing him a lot of pain and misery!

“I had written an SMS to Rachel telling her to leave her husband until elections are over because he will take her to hell,” the lawmaker said throwing the crowd into a frenzy.

Ngeno, who has been at loggerheads with Ruto, told the DP that he should take love to his wife other than promising locals that he would take care of them.

“Tell William Ruto to take his love to his wife, we do not need him to love us, we Narok residents have God who loves us and takes care of us,” Ngeno hit back at Ruto.

The DP has previously called for residents to vote Mr Ngeno out during last election and its like MR. Ngeno has finally found the right moment to fight back at the Dp.