Driva wa Uber Amerika! Churchill Show’s David the Student flaunts cash

Comedian David The Student flaunting dollars

Comedian David The Student flaunting dollars
Image: Facebook

Former Churchill Show comedian David Kangogo who is known by the street moniker David The Student has proven that he is not struggling in the land of opportunities.

This comes after fans made light of the job he does in the USA. David is a Lyft driver.

The comedian took to social media to flaunt his success as a cab driver.

The trolls defined him as a ‘driver wa Uber’. Responding to this, David took to his Facebook page, and a short video of him showing off a wad of crisp USA dollar notes.

He was fanning his face with the money.

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David captioned the video, ”Them: “David the student ni driver wa Uber America skuizi”, Me: See Less.” he wrote.

The post has since been deleted.

A while back, David hit the headlines when a passenger he carried in his car refused to wear a mask and instead hurled racist slurs at him.

Watch the video below.

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