Emmy Kosgei says no Kalenjin man approached her, most of them are introverts

– Gospel artist Emmy Kosgei said no Kalenjin man ever approached her before she got married to Nigerian husband

– The Ololo hit maker said Kalenjin men are shy and rotate around the point when seducing a lady

– She warned Kalenjin men to speak their mind or else their women will get married to other countries

Gospel artiste Emmy Kosgei has hit out at Kalenjin men for being shy in approaching women saying no man from her community asked for her hand in marriage.

Emmy got married to her Nigerian 62-year-old husband, Anselm Madubuko, in 2013 and she moved to stay with him in the West African country.

Speaking in an online interview show hosted by Alfred Koech on his Facebook page, Kosgei who is set to turn 40, took a swipe on the Kalenjin men while urging them to be courageous enough when expressing themselves for love.

The song bird went on to note that most Kalenjin men are introverts and not bold enough to sweep their girls off their feet.

“There is no Kalenjin man who came to me and told me they want to marry me. This is why sometimes one sees something is good but fails to speak up.

“An example is a pan, you feel like having it but you do not put it in actions and when the pan is taken away by another person, you start questioning why,” she said.

She further disclosed most men from her community have a tendency of rotating around the point instead of approaching women straight.

“The problem we have as a community is our people being introverts, instead of someone hitting the nail on the head, they start asking the girl whether it rained at their place and seeking more details about their home which is not necessary,” said the Ololo hit maker. s

Emmy said more than four Kalenjin men have approached her but that was after she had gotten married to Anselm Madubuko.

She went on to encourage the men to rise up to the occasion and master the art of professing love to their women or else most of their women will be married to other countries.

“Why should you fear? I know of a number of women from my community who are happily married to Nigerian men. Our men should also go slow if they have been rejected instead of taking into social media to launch attacks,” she noted.

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