Enhle Mbali Claps Back At Speculations That She and Black Coffee Miss Each Other

Enhle Mbali Claps Back At Speculations That She and Black Coffee Miss Each Other. They were one of South Africa’s most loved power couples. Sadly when it comes to matters of the heart, nothing is cast on stone. Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee made headlines in 2020, when it became evident that they are headed to splitsville. A lot of their fans were saddened by the news and had hope that the two will work out their differences. It looks like that will ever happen as the two are now entangled in a messy divorce court battle.

The couple parted ways late in 2019, with Enhle alleging that Black Coffee was unfaithful during their marriage. It was alleged that Coffee fathered children with two women out of wedlock. There were also rumors that Black Coffee was cheating on Enhle with Cathy Guetta, a socialite and businesswoman. Cathy lives in Ibiza, Spain, the same island where the multi award winning DJ is a resident DJ at a club called Hï Ibiza .

Towards the end of 2020, it was rumored that Black Coffee has moved on, with social media influencer Sarah Langa. This is after the two were reportedly spotted acting lovey-dovey in Cape Town. The multi award winning DJ, has also been linked to international model, Alexandra Cane. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been any reports about Enhle with regards to moving on.

Having noted that, there are still some people who see Enhle and Coffee getting back together. Recently the two exes coincidentally shared statuses on Twitter, at the same time. Their posts were on totally different subjects. Enhle shared a motivational tweep, whereas Black Coffee posted about his music.

One tweep did not let this slide, he noticed the coincidence and decided to blow it out of proportion. He insinuated that by Enhle and Black Coffee, who have two children together, tweeting at the same time, it means they miss each other. Enhle decided to fetch the guy fast!

“Uyaboreka . I’m over it , do the same…,” the talented actress and entrepreneur clapped back!

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