Exposed! Things you didn’t know about the lady in Kevin Omwenga’s video

Robert Ouko

Businessman Kevin Omwenga was shot in the chest by Robert Ouko, who has so far confessed it was an accident.

Omwenga was shot in his bedroom on the seventh-floor of Galana Suites house number 703.

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In a CCTV footage that has gone viral, at 10:31 pm Omwenga, who had left the house shortly is seen returning to his apartment in the company of a woman and they can be seen talking and giggling, little did he know it was going to be his last day.

Omwenga and a woman
Omwenga and a woman said to be Tanzanian entering his house

Robert Ouko is seen following Omwenga and the woman into the house and leaves minutes later, and what followed shocked many.

At 11:32 pm, Ouko returns to the house and leaves with the lady and two men carrying Omwenga, who had been fatally shot.

At the parking lot, Omwenga is put in a blue car and driven off to the hospital while the lady, who was wearing a mustard dress, remains behind with Ouko and can be seen walking towards the gate.

Kevin Omwenga

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Well, below are things you didn’t know about the lady, whose identity is yet to be revealed by the police.
  1. She’s Tanzanian

According to media reports, she is from the neighbouring country Tanzania.

2. She’s light-skinned – what many popularly refer to rangi ya thao.

3. Lives in Ngara

Chris Obure’s bodyguard Robert Ouko who ‘accidentally’ shot Kevin Omwenga, told the police that they had just come back from Ngara from picking her.

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4. A close friend to Omwenga

Before Omwenga’s death, he had just bought two high-end cars a Porsche Panamera and a Range Rover. In a video that has gone viral, she can be heard in praising and congratulating Omwenga as he showed off his white Porshe.

Kevin Omwenga

5. Party animal

According to Ouko’s statement, there were people in the house partying. The police confiscated shisha pots and bottles of alcohol among other things for exhibit.

6. She was at the right place at the wrong time

The lady was ready for a night of fun with her friend only for it to end badly. She was left with Robert Ouko after Omwenga’s brother and a pal rushed him to hospital.

7. Has a good taste in men

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