“F* You,” Vusi Thembekwayo Sends A Strong Message To Politicians

“F* You,” Vusi Thembekwayo Sends A Strong Message To Politicians. It goes without saying that the coronavirus has had a major impact on the economy. Among other things, businesses have closed, people have lost their jobs and entertainers do not have gigs.

With the virus not backing down, many are scared that we are headed to the worst case scenarios. One noticeable thing is that the lockdown hasn’t done much to stop the spread of Covid-19. On the other hand people need to be out there to put food on the table for themselves and their families.

Everyday we wake up with the hope that a medication of some sort will be found to tackle the virus. Some wake up hoping that the government will announce the full opening of the economy. Businessman and global business speaker, Vusi Thembekwayo, has taken to social media to air his views on the current situation the country find itself in.

Vusi shared a video in which he called out all politicians for only making themselves rich for the past 26 years and not stepping up to help the people. Vusi showed a big empty office, which sadly narrates that many people working for the private sector, have been left employed because of the lockdown.

Normally Vusi shares videos with solutions, but this time he had no solution to share, but instead ranted on behalf of South Africans who have been affected by the on going lockdown.

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