Famous Kenyan men who wear make up

If you thought only Kenyan female celebs were make up fanatics, then you are wrong. Men too love make up.

Here is a list of famous male personalities who use make up for one reason or another.

Eric Omondi

Eric OmondiThe president of comedy in Africa loves imitating women where he plays the role of Divalicious.

He dresses like a slay queen who wears makeup and wigs and even imitates the posh Nairobi accent.

All this is for entertainment purpose.

Dennis Karuri

Dennis Karuri

He is a 25-year-old make-up artist and a model. His passion in makeup began back in highschool when he could mix Vaseline and Pencil graphite to make mascara for himself.

On reaching campus he bought his first makeup kit.

He does make-up on most Kenyan celebrities and also on himself.

He also wears wig to resemble women to market his brand.

Kelvin Mwangi


He is an actress and a comedian he is popularly known for his screen character Shaniqwa the socialite.

Kelvin also dresses as women, wears make up and wigs.

He also imitates the slay queen accent. All this is for entertainment purpose.

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