Five motivating quotes from Akothee that will make your day

Award-winning singer Akothee is one star who has kept motivating people with her ‘Grass To Grace’ story. The mother of five is arguably one of the best female singers in our industry.

Now, forget the drama! Akothee has become a motivating tool for her fans and here are some of our favourite top five quotes from madam boss.


👉Hard work don’t just happen, practise it💪

👉If you don’t take control of your time someone will
👉If I listened to the outside noise telling me I can’t & ignored the small voice inside me telling me yes Esther you can 💪 where do you think I would be right now?
👉Don’t allow space in your heart/soul & mind for darkness 🙏
👉 Do whatever it takes to reach the goals you set for yourself 💪
👉Don’t allow laziness to shift your goal posts 👉Take courage to leave your comfort zone & get ready for greatness 💪

Repeat after me if you believe it’s possible

Signs that show that you are eventually over your toxic ex

“I am ready for the new chapter in my life  💪

2. I was raised to hustle like a man because I was told never to depend on one 💋 QUEEN IN HER KINGDOM 💋

3. Your past is like a sweet joke told ones, you don’t expect people to laugh at one joke every time, you have to look for a new funny joke to make people burst out, that’s exactly how your past looks like, embrace it, marry it and use it as learnt lessons, now tell us how your past has changed your perception towards life in a positive way #positivevibes

4. Going to bed with a dream and wake up with a purpose to touch lives and create change 💋 positive or negative change is inevitable 💋

5. Design your life in a manner that you won’t regret a day inside your life

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