Five rules to observe while drinking at home during quarantine – List


The weekend is here and that means that it’s parte after parte for most Kenyans. With people being in quarantine here are some rules to follow.

Buy alcohol meant for that day/ weekend

The best thing to do is to buy alcohol that will easily be consumed within that day/weekend.

It also helps to avoid over drinking and overspending.

 Do not drink in front of the kids

Kids normally emulate what we do, so drinking in front of them is not such a good idea as they might be curious enough to want to taste.

We all know that alcohol makes people loosen up and do stupid things, do not do those stupid things in front of your kids.

Do not place/store your alcohol where kids can reach it

Some kids are curious and might want to try and see or taste what is in the bottle. In some cases that is how some kids become hooked.

Do not invite your drinking buddies at home

This mostly applies to people with very little spaces and they have kids. Not everyone is a saint and some may do things that are inappropriate for your kids

For people who have space, it’s good to consider the timings and the occasion.

But for now while the world fights coronavirus all you can do is be your own drinking buddy.

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