Florence Masebe Remembers Her Mother A Year After Her Passing

Florence Masebe Remembers Her Mother A Year After Her Passing. One can never get over the death of a loved one. It has been exactly a year now since Florence Masebe lost her dear mother. The award winning veteran actress and author took to Instagram to remember her mother with a beautiful post.

A year ago when she announced the death of her mother, Florence, also shared the beautiful memories she will continue holding on to. A year has passed, since the loss, and Florence, remembers the great qualities that her mother had, and expressed that she misses her.

Today marks a year since our mother left us. A warrior woman. The smartest, most beautiful Queen I ever knew. Generous and caring. I miss her,’ she said.

This is quite a heavy week for Florence. Two days ago, marked 21 years since her shooting. She was shot at 41 times and left for dead. Being the victorious woman survived the shooting and uses her story to inspire others.

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