Forget Mike Sonko! Meet richest Nigerian senator Dino Melaye whose designer shoes and watches can feed your county for a year

Dino Melaye

Flamboyant Nigerian senator Dino Melaye is known for displaying his wealth on social media.

The father of three and former House of Representative member, who lives an opulent lifestyle, is a fashion enthusiast.

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His Instagram is full of photos of him posing in designer boutiques wearing designer clothes or in front of a row of luxury cars.

The stylish politician, whose sexy white beard drives women crazy, lives in a rich suburb in Lagos. Most of his household items are gold plated, a clear indication that he loves finer things in life.


Dino Melaye drives posh cars among them Ferrar, Mercedes Benz G-wagon, Rolls Royce, Range Rovers and Superbikes.

From designer shoes, stunners, over 200 wristwatches, perfumes clothes to customized caps, he beats his counterparts in Africa 10 nil when it comes to fashion. His shoes cost nothing less than $1000 (Sh100,000). All these items cost millions of dollars.

expensive shoes expensive shoes

Well, below are photos which prove Senator Dino is filthy rich.

Senator Dino Melaye Senator Dino Melaye  Senator Dino Melaye  Senator Dino Melaye Senator Dino Melaye  Senator Dino Melaye  Senator Dino Melaye 


     Senator Dino Melaye  Senator Dino Melaye   Senator Dino Melaye   Senator Dino Melaye    Senator Dino Melaye  Senator Dino Melaye  Senator Dino Melaye  Senator Dino Melaye     Senator Dino Melaye   
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