Forget the false prophets here are celebrities who are staunch Christians

Dennis Okari

There is nothing good compared to the sacrifice of serving God, even the Holy book says that.

Those whom God will call through Jesus Christ, will leave behind everything including their families, jobs, friends and wealth for the purpose of being shepherds appointed by the Living God.

Growing up in a Christian or religious family one is expected to live according to the Bible. Preach and spread the gospel to win lost souls to Christ.

In Kenya, we have a list of Celebrities, who have been called onto the dais to spread the word of God;

Size 8- the gospel Singer Size 8 aka Linet Muraya in December 2018 was among the 185 graduates who celebrated their graduation at Harvest Global Church located along Kiambu Road in Satellite.

She was officially ordained into priesthood since then.

Despite being a singer she is an inspiration and a role model to many.

Size 8

Dennis Okari– Former KTN anchor and ex to Betty Kyallo, surprised many of his fans when he showed up his leadership skills at a local church in Nairobi back in 2018.

The sermon had been placed at Christ House Church in South B.

It is said that back in high school he became a pastor’s translator before becoming a man of God in preaching.


Kawira– Better known as Joy Karambu Furaha, Kawira of Papa Shirandula show is a huge actress not to miss on the weekly Citizen TV show.

Bonus is, she is married to Pastor Ephantus Safari, and she also doubles as a pastor.

Not forgetting she is blessed with beautiful twins, life can’t go wrong on her side.

Vincent Opiyo-In 2019, May, Nation Media Group (NMG) sports journalist Vincent Opiyo left press word to preach God’s word upon receiving the Lord’s revelation.

Before being admitted to the priesthood, he first enrolled for lessons at Society of Jesus (Jesuits), a Roman Catholic congregation.

At the age of 12, he became an Altar Boy in his home parish, Nangina Catholic church.

This was a year of finished his catechism classes that culminated into receiving Holy Communion.

It is during this period that Vincent started dreaming of being like my parish priest who was a friend and a father figure.

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