From Arunga to Kasavuli: TV hosts we miss seeing on the screens

The media industry has grown in leaps and bounds with new faces popping up left right and centre. It is, however, hard to forget some hosts.

While some left the media some ventured into other projects and we miss them every day. Below is the list

1 . Tero Mdee
Namtero Mdee a.k.a Tero Mdee was one of the first TV hosts for a popular entertainment show, Straight Up, and no doubt, one of the most stunning and classy media personalities back then.

She got married to a pastor after moving back to her home country Tanzania. She’s sister to renowned Bongo singer Vanessa Mdee.

Tero Mdee

2. Esther Arunga
Her warm smile and breathtaking beauty made her a favourite of many during her TV days on KTN. Sadly, she quit and got married.

She was handed a 10-month jail term but was released on parole after she was convicted in the murder of her son Sinclair Timberlake.

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3. Catherine Kasavuli
Kasavuli was known for her mellow and magnificent voice and stellar presentation skills that saw her become the top female personality in the TV industry.

She has since ventured into private projects.


4. Beatrice Marshall
She was one of the faces that resonated well with the Kenyan media scene during her news anchoring days at KTN.

Beatrice Marshall is still a prominent news anchor. She is now a host on CGTN Africa.


5. Sophie Ikenye

When Sophie walked into the studio, one found it hard to look away and had one of the most impeccable voices on TV.

The lovely Sophie Ikenye is currently working at BBC, London.



6. Winnie Mukami
You probably remember her from her signature bob haircut, which was a big deal back in the day. Winnie Mukami was a news anchor at NTV and KBC.

Mukami always exuded courage and confidence during her live broadcasts and was an ever-smiling presenter.


7. Louis Otieno

Louis Otieno was a force to reckon with.

Louis had worked for KTN, NTV, Citizen, K24 and KBC before he resigned after being connected to the death of Careen Chepchumba.

Chepchumba died in 2012 and Louis was alleged to have been connected to her murder.

Louis’ was also faced by ill health to the extent of losing his hearing ability something that had him seek further medical treatment.

His whereabouts are unknown.

Louis Otieno
Louis Otieno in his heyday
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