From Kenya-Huru to Taiyari! Kids of Kenyan celebs with unique names


Naming is an important right for every child. Although in most African traditional societies kids are names after special occasions, seasons or even after their ancestors, nowadays things are changing.

Most parents give their children fancy names. Some have meanings while others don’t. In a few years to come, names like Esther, Joyce, Alice, Joshua, Daniel, Patrick will be extinct.

Kenyan celebs are following in the footsteps of Beyonce, wh named her daughter Blue Ivy and given their kids unique names.

From Nana Gecaga’s son, Kenya-Huru to Eko Dydda’s Keep it real, meet Kenyan celebs whose children have cute and unique names.


  1. Kambua

Her son’s name is Nathaniel, which means Gift of God; God has given in Hebrew language. Nathaniel was a friend Philip (one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus).

2. Bahati and Diana Marua

Their two kids are named Majesty and Heaven


3. Nana Gecaga

She is a mother of three adorable boys.  Her last born is named Kenya-Huru.

4. Janet Mbugua

Her two sons are named Huru and Mali

5. Pierra Makena

Her daughter’s name is Ricca Pokot.

Pierra Makena

6. Njugush

The comedian together with his wife Celestine Ndinda named their only and firstborn child Tugi. The name means a generous person in Gikuyu language.

Comedian Njugush with son
Comedian Njugush with son

7. Mr Seed

His son’s name is Gold Christen

Mr Seed and Nimo's baby
Mr Seed and Nimo’s baby

8. Nameless and Wahu

Their firstborn daughter is Tumiso and second-born is Nyakio, meaning hardworking in Gikuyu language.

Nameless ,Wahu and kids

9. Japanni Massawe

One of her daughters is named Taji (Crown)

10. Ted Josiah

His daughter with late wife Riginah was named Jay Wendo. Wendo in Gikuyu means love and in Dholuo it means a special visitor.

11. DJ CReme De La Creme

His son is called Jamari, a unique and not to so common name.

12. Terence Kamami

His child’s name is Milla Netai

13. Kathy Kiuna’s granddaughter

Her elder daughter Vanessa’s child is called Nia.

14. Shaffie Weru

His daughters are Millan and Nia

15. Size 8 and DJ Mo

Ladasha Belle

16. Annabel Onyango

His two kids Kenzo and Rio Nile Anděl. He was named for the River Nile, a homage to his Nilotic roots. Anděl [Ahn-dyel] in Czech means Angel or Messenger of God.

17. TerryAnne Chebet

Her second-born daughter is named Tala.

18. Jacque Maribe

Her son is named Zahari and he has never unveiled his face.

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe's son
The message in question

19. Caroline Mutoko

Her daughter is  Theodora, a Greek name which means gift.

Caroline Mutoko

20. King Kaka

His two kids are Gwethgeezy and Prince Iroma


21. Frankie and Maureen Waititu

Their secondborn child is named Kai

23. Shiv just gym it

His daughter is called Tshazi

24. Eko Dydda

His two sons have very interesting names, I Am blessed and Keep it Real.

Eko Dydda
Eko Dydda’s wife and kids

25. Nick Mutuma

His daughter’s name is Dua.

Nick Mutuma
The actor with Dua

26. Bridget Achieng

She revealed that she named her son Sekani Rich Opeyemii after her estranged baby daddy.

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy and son


27. Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess

Her daughter’s name is Naila.

Lonina Leteipan
Sharon Mundia’s estranged husband Lonina Leteipan with their daughter

28. Octopizzo

One of his daughters’ is called Zara.

The first mzungu

29. Jaguar

His firstborn child is called Tamara.

Jaguar Kids

30. Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

One of their children is named Jibran.

Lulu Hassan
Rashid and Lulu’s kids


31.  DJ Kriss Darlin

His daughter’s name is Junell




32. Njambi of Real Househelps of Kawangware – Her son is called Reign
33. Kate Actress – Her daughter is called Baby K
34. Theluji_Kwe Okoth Spielfeld
Phenny Awiti
35. Khaligraph Jones’ daughter – Amali J Ouko
36. Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie’s son Taiyari
37. Milly and Kabi was Jesus’ son – Reign Taji
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