From Patonee to C’zars: Kenyan artistes who were one hit wonders – List

For people born in the 90’s, there were upcoming artistes who looked so promising one would have sworn they would be the next big thing.

Sadly, some of them disappeared without a trace and ventured into other businesses. Below are such artistes.

Joel and Circuite

The duo were best known for the song ‘Manyake’. They were a true definition of a one hit wonder as they were never heard of after that.

Word on the street is that Circute got saved. Not much is known of their whereabouts.


C’zars whose real name is Mohammed Karim disappeared without a trace on October 13, 2006, his fans and family have been wondering what became of him.

A week before he was supposed to sit his KCSE exam, he left to visit a friend in the neighbourhood, never to return.

He was known for the song ‘Amka Ukatike’.

C’zars went missing almost 14 years ago and has never been traced up to date.

Deux Vultures

The duo consisted of Nasty Thomas and Colonel Mustapha

The two were known for songs such as Monalisa,Katika,Adhiambo C among others.

Mustapha is still in the music scene but his theatrics are more famous than his music.


He was best known for featuring in the song ‘Talk to you’ featuring Big Pin and Amani.

Truth be told he could gerrit when it came to music, sadly he quit before his career picked up.

Below is the song that made him known.

Which artiste do you miss most?

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