From prostitutes to househelps! Women who make the perfect wives

Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

Finding a good woman or wife is hard to find especially in this time and era. One has to kiss many frogs to get the right one and men look for different qualities in a woman.

Respectful, hardworking, humble and of course an attractive one are some of the qualities men go for.

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Below is a list of women who make good wives


They have seen it all. Gone through a lot in life. According to several men, prostitutes or rather sex workers make perfect wives because when they decide to settle down, they focus on their families.


She will always be busy in school and has no time to entertain other men. She will not cheat on you unless otherwise.

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She also has experience in taking care of children and be assured your children will have the best mother.

Village girls

They make the best wives and mothers. They are raised in hardships and after finding someone to marry they settle down.

Unlike some city women who demand a lot and cause dramas everytime, village women are reserved.


They face a lot of challenges during working hours. From being mistreated, paid poorly and harassed by revellers.

When she finds a good man, she will settle down. They know how to minimize resources and with them, one can invest because they are not gullible.


She will be your personal stripper in bed and you’ll never look at any other women again. Dear men, be wise.

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