From ‘send me money babe I’m in a fix’ to power couples! Types of people you’ll find on Facebook

Bahati-with his wife
The couple enjoying an intimate moment

Social media has made life easier. You can communicate with your close friends across the world via texts, calls or video calls without having to meet physically.

But despite the advantages, it also has its own disadvantages. It’s a breeding ground for bullies, stalkers, kidnappers and even beggars by this I mean those who borrow money left, right

Well, below are the types of people you’ll find on Facebook as illustrated by blogger Vincent, go through;

Slay queens  Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook 

  Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook

We have so many power couples around; from the Bahatis, Murayas to Wajesus family. Fans always keep up with them on Facebook and other social media platforms.


Facebook Facebook

 Facebook   Facebook Facebook

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