Gee Six Five’s Family Thanks South Africa For The Unwavering Support

Gee Six Five’s Family Thanks South Africa For The Unwavering Support. Tributes from all parts of the country and beyond, continue to pour in for the fallen rising star. South Africa woke up to the sad announcement that Gee Six Five has passed away, and the day has been a sad one.

Gee Six Five’s death was confirmed by her niece Sbu Mpungose, former editor of Cosmopolitan, Bona and True Love magazines. The 65 year old Amapiano singer whose real name is Olpha Selepe, is among the thousands of South Africans who have succumbed to Covid-19.

Many hail her as a heroine, who did not let age stand on the way of her dreams. She has been trending on social media, and will go down history as one inspirational granny. Mpungose took to Twitter once again, thank all those who sent through comforting messages. Speaking on behalf of the family, she says Gee Five Six, has been given the sendoff she deserves.

“The Selepe & Mbatha family, friends thank South Africans and the scores of #GeeSixFive supporters for the comforting words, shout outs and generosity during this difficult time. You have given #GeeSixFive the sendoff she deserves. Thank you so much,” Mpungose said.

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