“Get a baby with her!” Maina Kageni urged after posting video with hot roommate

Let us first confirm with Mwalimu Kingangi if that is Maina Kageni’s wife.

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Classic 105 radio host Maina Kageni has left tongues wagging after sharing a video of himself and a woman named Shiro having a good time in Miami.

Maina shared a video of himself watching Shiro as she put on make-up in preparation for going out, he captioned it as “a roommate to Miami.’

In the video Maina says:

“Say hi to Shiro wassup?’’

To which Shiro Kinuthia responds, “Hello, how are you? Are you ready to have a good time?”

Maina responds by saying he is ready to have a good time adding that he is lucky to have her as he is covered until the weekend.

“I am ready to have a good time.  By the way, Shiro loves my shirt if you don’t love it I don’t care, Look at this woman.

I am covered till the weekend.” Maina adds before pecking Shiro on the cheek, to the shock of many.

Mwalimu King’ang’i reacted to the video asking Maina to bring Shiro home.

“Akiau…ndio huyo? Bring her HOME…not ROME.”

Mwalimu is not the only one who noted how happy Maina looked hanging out with Shiru, his fans did too. Now they want him back home with her ASAP.

Below are some of the reactions.

its_chepchikoni: Nakuambia hata ukue mjanja aje hii life, mambo ya mapenzi huwezi hepa somehow it captures you happy for you Maina.

moragwa_ke: Wacha tuconifirm na king’ang’i kama ni bibi ya Maina.

blakaende: Bro Acha story mob… patia huyu mrembo mimba please, tutakusaidia kulea mtoto.

juel_bigdeal: Roommate or meal?.

lilianshee: Am heartbroken.

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