Ghetto royalty! List of celebrities who hail from Kibera

Kibra Artiste Stivo

Kibera is the largest slum in East and Central Africa, making it the second largest slum in Africa after Soweto but there is something unique about the slum. Kibera is a home to many Nairobi residents, with the condition of the slum one would not think much about it but it is Kibera to the world as it has gifted us with a number of celebrities who are not ashamed to praise what they refer to as home.

1. Octopizzo- Octopizzo is without a doubt one of the artists who is super proud of where he came from. In all of his tracks he does not fail to mention namba nane which is the number representing the matatu route to get to his hood. The rapper has been a champion of his hood and creating initiatives for the residents of Kibera, for example during the 2017 repeat elections, Kibera was one of the hotspots experiencing protests and violence between the police and the residents and the rapper was out there to call for peace from the government.

2. Stivo Simpleboy- Stivo simpleboy stole our hearts from the moment he came into the limelight. The ‘mihadharati’ hitmaker who has increased his fan base from his unique style of rapping also hails from Kibera and is under the label made in Kibera.

Stivo Simple Boy
Kibra’s finest


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3. Mammito- Most people don’t know this but comedian Mammito is also a product of Kibera. Mammito narrating her life story to Churchill said she was raised by a single mother in Kibera so there we go with another big name that comes from that hood.

Mammito. Photo credit: Instagram/mammitoeunice

4. LooklikeAvido- Avido’s case is pretty obvious just like in Octopizzo’s. Avido, a celebrity fashion designer who first started off as a dancer does not shun from priding himself as a product of Kibera. With the success he has gotten in the fashion industry by dressing countless number of celebrities locally and internationally and even getting posted by the Queen herself Beyoncé on her website it is interesting to know that he is still based in Kibera. Kibera is clearly that dope hood.

5. DJ Pinye- Veteran Disk Jockey, DJ pinye a big name in the entertainment industry, one of the first celebrities to take a bold step and start a career in Deejaying in an era where the career was not much embraced and internet was not accessed in the country compared to now when opportunities are easy to scoop also traces his roots in Kibera.

6. Larry Asego- From his voice and his eloquence many would have clearly associated him with hoods such as Kileleshwa, Lavington, Karen you name it but who said we cannot get such prowess in the ghetto? Yes there is sheng’ that we are proud of but how will you know that Kibera is the dope place to be in, if you don’t get a blend of both. Larry Asego the former Kiss FM and Classic FM host who currently works in the French embassy is also a product of Kibra and we love it!!

7. Kriss Darling- Now popular reggae DJ, Kriss Darling does not even bother hiding the fact that Kibera made him who he is today. Kriss Darling was brought up in Kibera and even took part in the Kibra by-elections but unfortunately lost in the nomination stage.

8. Johnson Mwakazi- Brought up by a single mother in Kibera, journalist Johnson Mwakazi lives to tell his story from the struggles to his way up in the ladder. The journalist whose voice is enough to charm us also goes around encouraging those from humble backgrounds by always talking about growing up in Kibera before becoming a household name.

9. Abel Mutua- Comedian Abel Mutua adds to the list of prominent names that hail from Kibera. The funny man who is making major moves with his content creation career talked about being brought up in Kibra.


10. Denis Oliech- Of course almost all the great footballers in the country seem to hail from Kibera. McDonald Mariga even participated in the Kibera by-election in a quest to replace Ken Okoth as a member of Parliament following his demise, then comes the veteran footballer Dennis Oliech. Oliech is a proud product of Kibera making all the major moves in soccer in the country.

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