God sent! List of men who make good husbands

Shiksha Arora
The media personality shows off her ring

Have you been on the prowl for a good husband?

Well, from the days of Adam to date, men have been the leaders of families.

God saw it fit to create a helper for Adam, from his rib so that he is not lonely.

According to online pundits, there is a list of men who make good husband material and apparently there is a cosmic science behind the list that is presented below.

Check it out and let me know in the comments section if you agree or nah!

1. David

2. William

3. Andrew

4. Simon

5. Daniel

6. James

7. Paul

8. Chris

9. John

10. Stephen

11. Joseph

12. Job


13. Solomon

14. Mathew

15. Ezekiel

16. Elijah

17. Boaz

18. Cyprian

19. Dennis

20. Yafesh.

Bonus name

21. Idris.

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