Gone too soon! Comedians whose unfortunate deaths broke our hearts

Life is short and we never know when our time is coming. Since 2019 we have had to struggle to accept that some of the people who have brightened our days are no more.

It comes with deep shock that your favourite comedian is no more. In 2020 to be particular the comedy industry has received a big blow by a number of losses.

From 2019 till date we still can’t believe that those who made our ribs crack are gone forever. Here is a list of comedians who have died since 2019

· Comedian Kasee– As if 2020 had not served us with enough surprises came one of the biggest blows in the comedy industry. Funnyman Joseph Musyoki was no more and news of his death spread like wildfire on the internet as he was trending in the country. What caused his death? The answer to the question still remains unclear as his lifeless body was found in Nginduri, Kikuyu area. It is said that the comedian who had a heavy drinking problem had gone out to grab a drink with friends and that was the last time he was seen alive. On what led to his death, an autopsy report conducted revealed that the Churchill show comedian had been poisoned and the case taken for further investigations.

· Othuol Othuol- Another Churchill show comedian that faced the cruel hands of death in 2020 being Othuol Othuol who also played a role in the popular comedy drama series Auntie boss in which he acted as the security officer of the estate. Othuol Othuol had been in and out of hospital and even a day before the late Kasee met his untimely death he had announced that his fellow comedian had been discharged from Kenya National Hospital. The comedian who also had a heavy drinking problem had been battling tuberculosis for a while now and on 11th of October he bid the world good bye.

· Njenga Mswahili– Churchill show comedian Njenga Mswahili died in unclear circumstances. The funny man who was battling depression was found dead in a railway track in Dagoretti on November, 7th, 2019. His death came as a shock to many. Fellow comedian, Eric Omondi spoke on the regrets he had for not offering a listening ear to the comedian who had approached him since he was depressed.

· Papa Shirandula– Let us end the list with the big man himself Charles Bukeko who will be dearly missed. The veteran comedian gave life to the likes of Jalang’o, Jacky Vike popularly known as Awinja, Milele FM presenter Otoyo, Wilbroda etc and it comes as no shock that his death served a big punch right in the face for not only comedians but many people who looked up to him. Papa who died on 18th of July started feeling unwell and was rushed to the Karen Hospital, it is said he succumbed to COVID19 but the family blamed the hospital for delay and negligence as the cause of his death.

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