Gotta City gives back to the society through Mng’aro mtaani initiative

Gotta City

New gengetone group known for their heavy sheng’ are here with a boom. New to the industry and fans and still making a statement. The group known as Gotta City are out to spread some love by giving back to the community through Mng’aro Mtaani initiative and self-help groups.

The NGUMI NI JAMO hit makers made their way in the streets by ensuring they fed as many people as their able hands could, describing food as another type of art and calling out for NGOs to also offer a helping hand in the ghetto by chipping in.

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Gotta city has been making headlines, first it was thanks to their heavy sheng’ which is their hood language notable in their songs then came a nasty beef between them and the other gengetone sensation Mbogi Genje who they were once friends with, then their willingness to give back to the society. Born and raised in the ghetto the gengetone group made up of Pingo, Madocho, Liyetin and Stoopid boy with a massive crew right behind them all in support of their NGUMI NI JAMO slogan clearly know what it’s like living in such an environment where fending for basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing is a tussle.

Even before fame the group says they have been trying to help out their fellow residents in any way possible. Just recently the group decided to join hands and offer to feed their hood describing food as another part of art just like music. “Tuchamkeni tuige mboka….hadi kugive chakula ni art.” Said Madocho when interviewed about their initiative. They also talked about the impact of giving back to the society in which Stoopid boy, a rapper in the group says his enemies have now turned friends thanks to what they do for the community. “Mambleina wangu wamekuwa mabeshte zangu.” Said Stoopid Boy. He also goes further to add that initially parents, especially mothers in the residential area used to see them as a bad influence but are now more open into their ideas and diluting their thoughts towards them especially after witnessing the group’s efforts in trying to shape the society by feeding them and coming up with self-help groups.

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The group known for their ngumi ni jamo hit also talked about creation of self-help groups coming up such as WapiWapi seeking to help the youths in the ghetto. They also went ahead to shower Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino for offering support to them regardless of what people think and say about him and urged Non-Government Organizations to help by chipping in. “Tunaweza shukuru sana mango wakichip in.” one of the members said.

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