Grace Ekirapa showers husbae Pascal with love

In a past post, Pascal revealed that he first met Grace at Java House.

Grace with Pascal

Grace with Pascal
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Grace Ekirapa has pampered her husband, Pascal Tokodi, with sweet words.

The NTV presenter shared a beautiful message for Pascal expressing how wonderful it is to be having such a husband as him.

She wrote;

“It’s in the way you look at me and tell me I am okay even when the storms are soo harsh. It’s in the way you stroke my hair as I drift to sleep just for me to know that you are present.

It’s in the kisses you blow my way and the winks in a crowd that keeps me glued to the direction that you are in no matter how far. I knew I wanted something but God knew I NEEDED YOU. You are my one and only.

I made it through the waves because you held my hand. I Love you My Babie @pascaltokodi Thank You for being My ALWAYS AND FOREVER,” wrote Grace Ekirapa.

Upon seeing the message, Pascal also put up a photo posing with his wife Grace Ekirapa saying;

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“I pray that no matter what challenges might carry us apart; we’ll always find a way back to each other. Always and forever. @graceekirapa.”

In a past post, Pascal revealed that he first met Grace at Java House.

“On a certain 4th, You walked into a certain Java, it was my first time seeing you in person and I remember staring at you as you looked for a place to sit…”

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